Tastes Of The World 2017: Het story behind the 6 chefs

6 people, who not only love cooking, but also music and going out, were selected all over the world to cook at Tomorrowland. The people served their loved dishes in the brand new ‘Tastes Of The World’ restaurant at Tomorrowland in a Tomorrowland by STAUB Cocotte and/or Serving Dish. 

Tastes Of The World – Jakarta

To taste the real Asian cuisine, chef Ray Janson takes Nick Bril along the streets to discover extremely fresh products and even snake blood.

 Ray buys all ingredients locally to prepare an extensive Indonesian meal, including the national dish and a recipe from his grandmother.

Tastes Of The World – Lima

Chef George Capristan wants to show Nick Bril his beautiful city, but especially to cook the national dish of Peru.

He only prepares the national dish with local ingredients, because for George, sustainability in the kitchen is also very important.

Tastes Of The World – Manchester

Valerie Allotey, a chef with Ghanaian roots, likes to lead Nick around the multicultural city of Manchester, but they start in Valerie her mother’s kitchen.

There she hopes to convince Nick of the spicy Ghanaian cuisine which she would like to present at Tomorrowland.

Tastes Of The World – Albuquerque

Chef Elijah Martinez immerses Nick Bril in his Spanish and Italian roots.

Elijah has received an authentic recipe book from his grandfather. The dishes have been passed on in his family for generations.

On the basis of this tradition, he has compiled a dish that he is going to present to the people of tomorrow.

Tastes Of The World – Riga

Chef Liva Apermane guides Nick Bril to her city and to the Latvian cuisine. From fish with the caviar still in it to tree and ant juice.

She convinces Nick of her typical Latvian dishes at her favorite cooking spot on the lake.

Tastes Of The World – New York

Foodie and blogger Caitlin Gunther immerses Nick Bril in the different cuisines of her city, New York.

Caitlin has a huge love for Spanish cuisine and simple, fresh ingredients. Tomorrowland will be a honeymoon for her, where she wants to serve authentic Spanish dishes to festival visitors.