Tomorrowland LOW COCOTTE by STAUB

Discover the flavours of the world and share them with friends and family thanks to the unique Tomorrowland cocotte by Staub. This happens when you mix the magical touch of Tomorrowland and the craftsmanship of Staub.

This Worldwide famous festival and the culinary specialist designed together an exclusive Tomorrowland low cocotte by STAUB in a limited edition. Mix flavors and creativity and turn every gathering into an exclusive party.

Limited edition. It’s not too late, order now

  • Colour : black or grenadine
  • Diameter : Ø 24 cm
  • Volume : 2,4 l
  • Weight : 4,4 kg
  • Exclusive design and lid knob
  • Suitable for all cookers, induction included
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Whether you are preparing stew, beef bourguignon or ratatouille, you need a quality roaster for excellent results. With the Tomorrowland Cocotte by STAUB you have an innovative cooking utensil at hand in which your meat will be tender and juicy, and vegetables retain their characteristic tastes, providing extra vitamins on the plate, due to the gentle cooking method.

The Chistera Drop Structure, which is located on the inside of the dome lid contributes to a particularly good casserole effect. The Tomorrowland Cocotte by STAUB also has excellent heat storage properties, which let the ingredients cook evenly and gently. Discover the benefits of innovative design with STAUB and complement your cookware with a multifunction roaster in which fresh ingredients develop full flavour for delicious, healthy dishes.

Available in black and grenadine.

The magical features


 The unique and well-thougth-out design of the Tomorrowland lid by STAUB results in an aroma rain, a continuous dripping effect during simmering. The secret: structures underneath the lid with a unique shape inspired by the Basque Pelota Chistera. The result: a delicious succulent dish, full of flavor, aroma and vitamins. Experience the difference


For over 2000 years cast iron is well-known for its durability and heat retention capacities. Primal elements such as fire and iron lead to unique products of an  unperceived quality. The STAUB products are crafted using time-honored manufacturing processes. These valuable and durable products are often passed on throughout generations.


Tomorrowland knob


The interior is enameled with a matte black finish. This high-quality enamel offers improved scratch resistance and is easy to clean. Its rough structure gives the Tomorrowland Cocotte by STAUB the ideal properties for searing ingredients. Experience passionate cooking moments without any concerns. 

The secret of the lid
More about the unique Chistera Drop-Structure

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