THE Tomorrowland by STAUB design

Together with Tomorrowland STAUB went looking for a design that contains the essence of this collaboration, namely the shared passion to unite people worldwide, across borders. Our goal? Unite all people who love good food.



The essence of the collaboration between Tomorrowland and STAUB is the shared passion to unite people all over the world. The logical result of this collaboration contains the essence: an exclusive lid with a world map and a heart-shaped button in the center of the Cocotto or Serving Dish that has the flag of ‘Tastes Of The World’.



The world map on the lid symbolizes: to bring together people worldwide and to enjoy the flavors of the world. With ‘Tastes of the World’ Tomorrowland brings flavors from all over the world together at the festival itself. Tomorrowland by STAUB ensures that these flavors are optimized and that you can even enjoy these flavors at home.



To bring people together to enjoy good food, that is where Tomorrowland and Staub strive for. The heart-shaped button is therefore a symbol of this togetherness with everyone who is close to your heart. The knob itself is made of high-quality messing, very durable. For years of cooking fun with the ones you love.