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Unique products

This is what happens when you mix the magical touch of Tomorrowland and the craftsmanship of STAUB. This Worldwide famous festival and we as a culinary specialist designed together exclusive Tomorrowland products by STAUB in a limited edition.

The Tomorrowland Cocotte by STAUB 20 cm

€ 199,00 tax included

The Tomorrowland Serving dish by STAUB 20 cm

€ 139,00 tax included

The Tomorrowland Cocotte by STAUB 24 cm Black

€ 239,00 tax included


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The Choice of the Chef

“Sharing a delicious dish, prepared in a Staub cocotte. to the beats of Tomorrowland. Now that’s what I call enjoying life!”

Seppe Nobels (Graanmarkt 13)


We take you to the place where the magic happens and the Tomorrowland Cocotte by STAUB sees the light of day, the STAUB factory in Merville. 


Each cast iron product is unique and the result of a traditional production process that takes place in the heart of France, MERVILLE. STAUB has optimised the benefits of cooking in cast iron while using state-of-the-art technology to create a unique product which has convinced the top chefs all over the world. It is a product which anyone who loves to cook would enjoy. You too can enjoy the benefits of STAUB from the oven to the table. 

Together with Tomorrowland these limited-edition products where created. Also enjoy the worldly flavours of Tomorrowland at home as a true foodie. Mix flavours and creativity and make each gathering one-off. Moreover, the Tomorrowland products by STAUB are like gems to exhibit.