Wim Ballieu


“Sharing is caring: together around one big table, a good pot of steaming mash in the middle, accompanied by good balls, and lots of fun! “

Wim Ballieu
Balls & Glory



Wim Ballieu

Being a butcher’s son from Gent, Wim Ballieu spent his holidays as a kid on the farm of his grandparents. There he got to know the authenticity of the products with which he would work years later.

Balls & Glory Concept

Wim was looking for a job in which he could fulfil his international business desire and creativity, preferably with a link to his roots, the farm of his grandparents, where respect for the environment and the seasons went hand in hand. He succeeded in combining these conditions with the concept of “Balls and Glory”, a restaurant, take-away and store where stuffed meatballs and mash are on the menu.

Under the motto “my grandparents’ farm in the urban jungle”, the meatballs are always freshly made and baked. That takes time, at least one hour per dish, but Wim assures that every client is served within 8 minutes. Slow food, fast served, as it were.

The restaurant

The first Balls & Glory restaurant started in 2012 as a pop-up in Gent. Nowadays, you can eat the meat- or vegetarian balls in several restaurants in Brussels, Antwerp, Louvain, and several other cities are planned. Besides the restaurant, Balls and Glory tours with their foodtruck, with which they visit festivals, events and parties.

Balls & Glory @ Tomorrowland

Wim and co are also present on Tomorrowland with their foodtruck. If you want a delicious stuffed meatball, you sure know where to go to!