Luc De Laet


“Preparing and serving food in high quality material (produced by a manufacturar who is passionate about his product), that’s ideal!“

Luc De Laet
The Butcher’s Store by De Laet & Van Haver


Luc De Laet

Luc De Laet has left his mark in the butcher’s world: for years he has been an acknowledged butcher in Hove and he recently owns a second butcher’s shop in the city of Antwerp. Furthermore he also runs a catering establishment in Hove, next to his butcher’s shop.


Innovation and creativity

Luc always makes an effort to reinforce the taste sensations of the products he uses, with respect regarding the product. He loves to innovate. For example, he added chocolate and coffee to carpaccio, for which he won a prize at the Superior Taste Award.

He learned how to lift a less noble piece of meat to a higher level thanks to the right preparation and he also has an European acknowledgement for dry aged meat, a process that is used to give a better taste to the meat and make it more tender.

Brasa @ Tomorrowland

The Butcher’s Store by De Laet & Van Haver also provides catering for all sorts of parties and events. On Tomorrowland you can get your hot dog or pulled pork burger at the food stand on the meadow, but the culinary party animals among us also have the opportunity to gather around the table in the Brasa restaurant.