David Martin


“Sharing a delicious meal creates something magical!“

David Martin
La Paix


David Martin

Although David Martin’s roots lie in the south of France, he moved to Brussels in the 1990s. At the opening of Meridien Hotel, he started working there. Afterwards he worked with star chef Jean-Pierre Bruneau. In Brussels he also met his future wife, Nathalie, who exploited the La Paix brasserie, across the slaughterhouses of Anderlecht.

He took over the La Paix brasserie, and in the second year he was awarded with a Michelin Star, the first Brasserie ever, and Gaultmillau Prize nominated “La Paix” for “Brasserie of the Year”. La Paix evolved into a gourmet restaurant with Japanese influences. Today, David Martin is not only the head of La Paix, but he also leads several other culinary concepts like “Les Ateliers de la Mer” in Neufchateau and “Comptoir des Ateliers de la Mer” in Bastogne.



His free gourmet spirit presents a daily culinary show on RTL TVI, “Martin Bonheur” for over six years now. https://www.rtlplay.be/martin-bonheur-p_8535

He’s also the founder of “Digital Cooking School”, a revolutionary B2B app for cooking lessons. His cuisine contains the essence of the Belgian identity: warm without bluffing, generous but refined, subtle but powerful, completely local but accessible to the whole world.